The Jim Austin Computer Collection

Home made SC/MP system (by Jim Austin)






This is the first machine that I built when I was about 17 in 1977. The system is based on a National Semiconductor ISP-8A/600N Simple Cost Effective Microprocessor (SC/MP). I first bought a single board computer (SRUMPI-2 on the top), then added things!  You can see the digital tape drive in the picture above.


The SCRUMPI board was the very first home computer made in the UK being lauched at the end of 1976. Unfortunately its designer died young which stoped its development. Deatils of the history of the board can be found at;



Here is a close up of the cards under the lid of the Austin 1 computer. To the left is an EPROM programmer, next is a memory card. In the lid is the i/o control.