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BBC nk3 radio desk

The Computer Sheds hold the Jim Austin Computer Collection, over 1500 computers and many thousands of other artifacts such as books, calculators, spares, test equipment as well as a fine collection of Radios and Valves (the RadioShed).

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The Collection was recently featured on BBC 2 Collectahollics (april 2015),


Please click on the menu at the bottom of the screen to access the database on the collection. This is an incomplete list - we hope to have a full list soon.

The Collection

The collection was started in about 1986, and represents the technical development of computing from the earliest days to the present day. It holds examples from every generation of computers - mechanical, relay, valve, transistor, and all the variations of integrated circuit. It has a fine collection of supercomputers and a huge IBM mainframe. As well as ten Cray supercomputers. It has one of the largest collections on show of Crays and Digital Equipment Corporation computers anywhere.

It is housed in over 8000 sq ft of buildings and organised into manufactures.


If you would like to visit the collection, We do guided tours to small groups, please email me on


We are looking for information on all the machines in the collection, please mail us if you have any information on the computers. We are looking for both technical information and your own personal thoughts, so if you have any experience with these machines please get in touch. I hope you enjoy the site and will see some of the machines from the past are worth collecting! Thanks to loads of people who have helped, donated, shifted the machines. If you want to see what I do as a day job, please visit my site at the University of York and the company I run Cybula Ltd.

Altair 8800
landrover 110 saterlite communication vehicle. MADAS calculator
Cray gs6400 IBM blueGene/L
Cray name pdp12


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Last update: 14 September 2015 (see here for updates) See the new concept for a venue to show off the collection
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