The Jim Austin Computer Collection


Type 2113B

This is a classic 1970's HP machine, that complements the other HP machines in the collection particularly the HP3000 machines. Its a medium sized system with quite a few disk drives. Its user micro programmable with the correct options. It can address up to 2Mb of memory and a word size of 16 bits.

Origin of the machine

This machine was donated by DTZ Ltd. via John  Cooper on the 18th Dec 2004. It has the address DTZ Debenham Thorpe, 75 Davis Street, London, W1A 4AG as its original home.

The machine is one of the HP 1000 family, and is type 2113B. The first recorded installation date is 2 December 1976. However, the machine was considerably up dated over its life, with the addition of large exchangeable disk drives. The last recorded use was in the 1990's.

The machine is based on TTL and DTL (yes, diode transistor logic), and does not have a microprocessor.

System overview

The system consists of a processor cabinet with the type number 2178C. 

This also houses one of the two 7970E mag. tape drives. There is another large cabinet holding the second tape drive (7970E), 










The main processor close up.


 Inside the main processor












The expansion cabinet close up.

There are four 7925 exchangeable disc drives. Here is one with the lid off.




A MANNESMAN TALLY 660 high speed line printer.
















There is a full set of manuals, tapes and discs (eleven 13356A packs) with editors and database software.

It has one terminal type 2394A (015 049 options) and three 2645A wide screen terminals and key board. One includes a pair of cassette tape drives.




HP2645A terminal


System Configuration

The main processor contains the following cards:

Front rack (in order from top of cab)

Rear rack:

Two 7970E tape drives.

Expansion cabinet (12979B) front:

Expansion cabinet back


Also a loose 13037 interface card and cable.

The machine in John Coopers house!


And when it arrived...