The Jim Austin Computer Collection

IBM S/390 Generation 5 Parallel Enterprise Server

Microprocessor Mainframe


This machine was donated by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick, with the help of IBM, where it was used for research and teaching up to Jan 2005, when it was switched off. It arrived in the collection in September 2005. It consists of the main processor, a big disk box (RAMAC), tape unit and console processor.

Note also the collection has a PC 500 System/390 as a sister to this machine.

In 1998 the machine with 10 processors passed the 10,000 MIPS barrier, which made it the fastest Mainframe. 

The system represents a major IBM mainframe from the 1990's, which complements the 3084 in the collection which represents the 1980's.

More information can be found at the IBM web site:

Click here for a short history of System 390 from the IBM web site.

As far as I know its a 4 processor machine, made up of;

IBM S/390 Generation 5                  

Cards in Front rack:

·             Gb Ethernet QD9G

·             Fast Ethernet QD9K

·             CHA QU29 x 2

·             CH45 QL50 x 5

·             FIBB QU22 x 2

    Think pad 600E console.

Cards in rear rack:

·         CH4S QL50

·         Gb Ethernet

·         Gb Ethernet SX QD9G

·         Fast EnetQD9K

·         UPC QL60

RAMAC virtual Array Storage Model 9393

There is a video on RAMAC here

·         Model T82

·         Contains 47 SCSI disks, DGHS.

Tape Unit

·         3490E Mod F x 3

Console Cabinet

·         IBM 2074 netinfinity 4500R

The machine leaving Warwick...

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The Machine arriving....

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