The Jim Austin Computer Collection

MITS altair 8080

Altair 8080

This is largely expanded MITS altair 8800 machine. Basically its a classic home computer that can be programmed off switches at the front or via a teletype unit. This joined the collection in Oct 2009, from a collector in Cardiff. I think it came from Canada, it has 115v power supply. Amazingly well built.

front inside 8080

Machine s/n 1012704

Processor: Intel C8080A

Power 115v 60Hz.

Date: 8-21-78 (main bus card)

Bus: S100


Main card: MPU A REV-4


Three Copmpupro Econoram memory cards. Made by Godbout 1979

with 32 MM 5257N chips, 4K x 1 bit, making 16K card.

16K memory

One Thinker Toys Super ram 16K memory master. 1978.

16K memory

One Godabout Compupro interfacer dual channel RS232 serial i/o 1979.

serial i/o

One Micromation doublers floppy disk controller. (see

floppy controller