The Jim Austin Computer Collection

MITS altair 8800

Altair 8800 

This is claimed to be the first home computer. It came as a kit and was featured in Popular Electronics Jan 1975, a US electronics construction magazine, shown below. It was added to the collection in September 2009. It was the machine that Bill Gates work with.

Altair 8800

Items consist of:

Original copy Popular Electronics, Jan 1975

Aliar magazine

ALtair BASIC 8K REV 3.2 Aug 1976 on paper tape, unopened.

paper tape


Machine with:

Main 8080 based CPU card Revision 1.

SIO (serial i/o) Revision 0.

SIO card

16 MC startic RAM card

Memory card

Memory card - home made MB8264-20 chips

Memory card

88-lpc line printer controller

line printer card