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Cray SV1-1 
Cray SV1   Cray SV1


This is a Cray supercomputer built probably in 2004. It came from the MOD as surplus in Jan 2010. It came with no disks, but complete with the Sun Sparc 5 front console machine. Note that its missing the left hand rack (see below).

Cray SV1


It has two procesor cards, each with 4 processors and 8 memory cards (possibly 256Gb). Each processor has a peak rate of 1.2 to 4.8Gflops thus the machine is 9.6Gflops to 38.4Gflops, the highst in the collection as of jan 2010.


Here are some specifications of the machine (its a Cray SV1-1) from here.

Model Tera/Cray SV1-A Tera/Cray SV1-1 SV1 Supercluster
Clock cycle 3.33 ns 3.33 ns 3.33 ns
Theor. peak performance
Per Proc. (64 bits) 1.2/4.8 Gflop/s 1.2/4.8 Gflop/s 1.2/4.8 Gflop/s
Single frame: 19.2 Gflop/s 38.4 Gflop/s ---
Multi frame: --- --- 1.2 Tflop/s
Memory bandwidth
Memory-Cache 7.7 GB/s 7.7 GB/s 7.7 GB/s
Cache-CPU 9.6 GB/s 9.6 GB/s 9.6 GB/s
Aggregate 30.7 GB/s 61.4 GB/s --- GB/s
Node--node (bi-direct.) --- GB/s --- GB/s 1 GB/s
Main memory <= 16 GB <= 32 GB <= 1 TB
No. of processors 8--16 8--32 <= 1024


Machine s/n 3227 components:

Cray SV1 processor rack processor rack.


Rack Cray SV1 processor



Left hand rear system rack Right hand rear rack showing main CPU rack Main console

Cray SV1

System rack above:


Moving the machine:

Cray move Move