The Jim Austin Computer Collection

Magnetic Drum Store

Hukushin Electric Works


  Drum Store


This came from a collection in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK in 2010. Its from a BCL Susie machine. A complete machine can be found at the national museum of computing, UK dated 1968 as shown below:

BCL Susie (not in the collection)

The drum would be in the far unit. The collection has the paper tape punch/reader unit.

The drum is:

Make: Hukushin Electric Works, Tokio Japan

Date: Oct 1970

SN: 701884

Model: SD-2508

Power: 100v 50Hz.

Tracks: 64

This is a Magnetc Drum store from the early 1970's.

Drum store This is a picture of the heads of the drum and its name plate.
Drum heads This shows all the heads on one side