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Computing Surface CS1
Meiko computing surface   Meiko

This is a classic British supercomputer. It was made up of may be 68 Inmos Transputers and 6 Intel i860 processors. This model has a Sun Spark front end processor. This came from a company that used to service the machines. There is no documentation - thus its unclear what it consists of. It dates about 1989. The use hours is 56000, i.e. 6.39 years! It has serial number 231. I am now told that the machine ias a collectoon of cards from other machines.

More information can be found at: (local copy here).


The machine has the following cards:
Card Number Number type
Top Rack    
MK 041 1 possibly a link card
MK 009 2 T414 compute (integer)
MK 050 1 T800 host card
MK 060 10 T800D x 4 Card
Bottom rack
MK 014 1 possibly a link card
MK 073 3 2 x i860 card
MK 060 7 T800D x 4 card
MK 015 4 graphics cards
MK 083 1 Sun Spark processor card

Meiko insde The processor rack.

Meiko back the back of the machine.

Meiko inside Close up of the interface.