The Jim Austin Computer Collection


nec sx 4b

This is a supercomputer made by NEC and used by the polish supercomputer centre from 1988- for more information see:

Here is a quote from there site

"In late 1998, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM), at the University of Warsaw, Poland, purchased a 2-CPU NEC SX-4B with peak performance of 3.6 GFlop/s. The NEC SX-4B is used for advanced molecular ab initio quantum-mechanical computations as well as for simulations and modelling of large biomolecular systems using molecular mechanics, molecular dynamics and quantum-dynamics methods. Another application area is Weather forcasting and modelling the Baltic Sea catchment region."


Cyber cray have one of these machines too.

There are two of these in the collection allong with the disk array used for them. Images of the one machine are shown below.

Due to its location a front shot was not possible, so this is a composite of a number of shots.
NEC SX 4B switch This is a part of the swich that connects the two machines together.
nec sx4b move
moving these machines can be a task - this is the disk array!