The Jim Austin Computer Collection


This machine was donated by John Carlyle-Clarke of Bristol in May 2003. It needs some work to get it going but its generally in OK condition


CPU - Model S/09

MP-MB motherboard
3x MP-S2 dual serial
MP-L2 parallel
2x M-64 memory
DMF3 disk controller
MP-09B (2MHz) CPU board with SBUG-E ROM
2x "Computer Workshop (UK)" CM128 boards (more RAM?)

Disk Unit QW-2

ATASI HDD (broken)
Qumetrak 842 floppy
Western Digital WD-1000F hard disk controller


VDU Model 8212

Wooden case needs repairing! 

SWTPc Manuals

Stylo systems "Stylograph" (Control C Corp)
TSC Uniflex Basic user's manual
TSC Extended Basic user's manual
Abies Medical Computer System
DMF2 Floppy disk unit users guide (copy available here to down load)
TSC Flex User's manual
TSC 6809 Flex Operating System
SWTPc S/09, S+ users guide (docs and schematics for CPU, PSU and most
STWPc 6809 programming reference
Motorola 6809 docs and quick ref card
Uniflex docs, including: Getting Started, Uniflex OS, Introduction to
Uniflex, Unflex utility commands, Uniflex Text Editor, Uniflex 6809
assembler, Introduction to Uniflex system calls, Uniflex programmers guide,
system manager's guide

All the documents are in their original folders, and are in very good

For more information on these systems see: