The Jim Austin Computer Collection

Make: Burroughs
Model: B80 *
Type: Minicomputer
Release Year: 1976

This is a multi-user computer (up to 11 users) based on 74 series logic and custom processors. It consists of a main processor with the keyboard in it, a tape drive unit(s) and a printer. It was used by a local joiner until his roof leaked and wreked the machine.CPU: 8 bit microprocessor implemented on 9 chips.
Memory: 64Kb
I/O: Integrated printer/keyboard, single or dual drive (cassette, 8" floppy 1Mb/disk or cartridge disk 2Mb/disk), line printer, communication line for modem and/or terminals. Ran the CMS operating system which was compatible with and could exchange data and compiled programs with the B800 and the B1800.

Additional information from Hans B Pufal