The Jim Austin Computer Collection

Make: Cambridge University
Model: EDSAC 2 *
Type: Other
Release Year: 1958

This consists of a single module from EDSAC 2 with the marking CHASSIS 16, No 2, (see picture) and a label saying it was serviceable on the 9/9/65. It came with 30 valves installed, that is all the valves for this module. (the ones missing are not wired). The large handle on the front is used to pull/push the module into/out of the rack! (pictures of this can be found at The unit has rows of resistors and capacitors mounted along both sides of the base. EDSAC 2 was the first bit sliced computer, which this unit is possibly one of the 'slices'. It was the first full scale micro programmed computer.

This is a part of EDSAC 2 given to the collection by Prof. Mortons relatives at Cambridge (who also donated the PDP 12). This is the oldest item in the collection. For details of EDSAC 2 and related history see Also see;recurse=1 for documents on EDSAC.