The Computer Sheds

IBM 3094 Mainframe


The Computer Sheds hold the Jim Austin Computer Collection, over 1500 computers and many thousands of other artifacts such as books, calculators, spares, test equipment as well as a fine collection of Radios and Valves (the RadioShed). It has some incredible items including a computer that weighs over 10 Tons, a computer that ran for over 30 years, one of the first computer mice, and many others. It is one of the largest collections of computers and related technology anywhere.  

This web site gives an overview of the collection. The collection is open to the public. Because its a private collection its only open to guided tours. This can be any number from, individuals to large groups. Details of how to book are at the bottom of this page.          

To access descriptions of some of the items in the sheds use the menu bar at the base of the page. Note that as a history museum this site uses very early web technology!

Please click on the menu at the bottom of the screen to access information on some of the items in the collection.

Updates and New information

When items are added/changed and updated to the web-site they can be found here.


The collection is contibuting to an Exibition marking the 50th Aniversary of Computer Science at The University of York 27June 2022 - 3 July 2022.

Any one can visit the exibition on the 30th June which is at the Ron Cooke Hub at the University.

The Collection

The collection was started in about 1986, and represents the technical development of computing from the earliest days to the present day. It holds examples from every generation of computers - mechanical, relay, valve, transistor, and all the variations of integrated circuit. It has a fine collection of supercomputers and a huge IBM mainframe. As well as ten Cray supercomputers. It has one of the largest collections on show of Cray's and Digital Equipment Corporation computers anywhere.

It is housed in over 8000 sq ft of buildings and organized into manufactures.

Visiting the collection

If you would like to visit the collection, We do guided tours for individuals and  groups, please email me on or phone .  Its advisable to wrap up warm in the winter, as it can be quite cold. A reasonable time to spend at the museum is 3 hours.     We only ask for a donation in return for the Guided Tour (Typically £10.00 per person).

 Help with the Collection

   The collection is under constant change and relies on its band of helpers to operate. We meet every other Saturday thoughout the year. If you are interesed in helping out, from just moving things about to mending and maintiaing equipment please contact us.         

Finding  and Contacting us

The Computer Sheds are on Google   .. Enter "Computer Sheds Museum" in google to get a map and related information.


The sheds can be found in Fimber on the East Yorkshire Wolds, 20 miles East of York in the UK.   


We are looking for information on all the machines in the collection, please mail us if you have any information on the computers. We are looking for both technical information and your own personal thoughts, so if you have any experience with these machines please get in touch. I hope you enjoy the site and will see some of the machines from the past are worth collecting! Thanks to loads of people who have helped, donated, shifted the machines.

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Last update: June 2022 (see here for updates)



Some of the collection

Jim Austin with Jasmine Harman on Collectorhollics (BBC) 



Altair 8800







Altair 8800

A Part of EDSAC II


MADAS calculator

 Early Calculator